About the deck

This inspirational oracle card deck is an extension of the wisdom remembered through the Lifeforce Energy Awakening Process (LEAP) – a journey of expanding consciousness through surrender, fostering deep trust and unity; embracing the magic that Life has to offer. 

The deck consists of 55 beautifully illustrated oracle cards with golden details. The unique and inspiring oracle message is on the back of each card. With a simple and heart-based approach you are invited to be open to profound transformation and self-realization.

May the words on these cards flow like mantras through your being, guiding you to step back into your authentic power, childlike wonder, and intuitive knowing. You are brave enough to take the leap and allow yourself to be guided into more flow, presence, fulfillment, unity, and ultimately, the Joy of Being Alive.

A personal message from the author, Robin Erkel:

“A spiritual Awakening journey can feel vulnerable and challenging as it demands stepping out of your comfort zone, facing the honest reflections in the mirror of truth. I know what it’s like to be challenged by Life in a myriad of ways, and in the interconnectedness of all, I felt a profound inspiration to create this oracle deck. I understand not everyone has a supportive mirror during their journey. In creating this deck, my wish is for these cards to be your Loving reflection, much like a trustworthy friend who shares truths you may initially resist. Yet, as you sit with these revelations, a beautiful transformation unfolds, reshaping your life by expanding your perspective and consciousness. May this oracle remind you of the gift that is You, inspiring an openness, trust and acceptance within, as this will reflect back into the life you are blessed to Live. Thank you so much for your presence.”

About the author

Robin embodies what she shares and loves what she does; with her heart wide open, she invites you into a profound self-awakening process that naturally leads you into the wisdom of your authentic Being. 

There has been no greater teacher for Robin than Life itself. The divine surrender to the all encompassing waves of life woke her up into this vast source, where a pure impersonal peace and stillness brings forth an indescribable sense of wholeness. 

In her transmissions, Robin embodies true presence and aliveness, inspiring internal peace for those seeking it and fostering profound surrender for those on the journey of self-realization.

Through her energy work, trainings, and events, Robin guides individuals to awaken to the miracle of Being Alive, finding true peace within, regardless of life’s challenges.

This oracle deck is a joyful creative expression of her wisdom and love.

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