Awakening oracle 

The Joy of
Being Alive

Inspiring Oracle Cards Guiding You Through the Many Stages of Awakening

Inspiring Oracle Cards Supporting You Through the Many Stages of Awakening

May this oracle guide you 

back into your Truth, Power and Heart


you with a simple and heart-based approach to be open to profound transformation and self-realization.


your innate wisdom. Allowing the words on these cards to flow like powerful mantras through your being, igniting trust and unity in the magic that life has to offer.


your childlike wonder, intuitive knowing and undeniable presence in this moment. Finding peace within, no matter what is arising.


the power of Life to freely flow through you. Ultimately guiding you in the embodiment of your authentic expression and the Joy of Being Alive.

We love its timeless wisdom

some of our favourite cards

The Joy of Being Alive 

A Wonderful Gift

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